Semnis: A Beginner's Guide

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Semnis: A Beginner's Guide

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This is the infodump of the lore for my comic ... it is written in the form of basically being an explorer on a new planet ... so .. here are the first "pages" of the journal ... if we continue ... you will learn their languages, money system and much more

CONTENT WARNING: this has sensitive topics such as Death, Slavery, and Eugenics ... (all are talked about briefly, but still adding this just in case)

Semnis, A mysterious planet that may or may not have existed in galaxy M81 (also known as Bode's Galaxy). Here are the findings from the last exploration.

Planetary Information

Name: Semnis
Fifth planet from the star Darimota (Known as Trenidari by some of the planet's culture), red supergiant type K
Orbital period: (144 days; approx. 96 Earth days)
Equatorial day: approx. 16 hours total.
Day: 10 to 12 hr, Night: 4 to 6 hr
Tilt: Shifted over time from 7.43 to 8.10 degrees
Diameter: 14,325 km
Average Temperature: 14 degrees C
ATM Pressure: 1014 Millibars
ATM Gasses: Argon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen, traces of Carbon Dioxide and other gasses.
Internal structure and composition similar to Mars

Flora: At the peak of life on the planet. The plant life was quite different than we are used to here on earth. When the plants are observed, they appear to look dark purple/reddish. I can only assume this is due to the star's light output being so different than we are used to. (The sun here on Earth's color spectra outputs mostly green light hence which is what is reflected back as the rest is absorbed).

The plant that is most comparable to grass sprouts from the ground at first as a white color and darkens to the above stated color over the course of a day or so. Their shape resembles what looks like mini ferns.

Trees are shorter than here on earth it appears to be because the gravity is seemly stronger than on Earth.

as for edible plants. There is a sludgy algae that the locals in the Oortae region seems to enjoy (doesnt seem to be liked much anywhere else though). in the temperate regions there is a flowering plant where if it is harvested while still a bud and then grilled or fried, the inside of the bud becomes a savory gel that is loved by seemingly everyone and is a huge part of the economic culture for most temperate regions.

Fauna: Much of the animals observed were bugs. The most intriguing one to me is on that is yellowish-orange in color with long antennae and four legs that are organized to where the bug looks like an "X" they seem to enjoy the tree leaves/tree bark.

There is also a rodent-like creature that the locals call (Godirow) "go-dee-row" the seems to sweat a sticky, mud-colored substance when frightened. samples collected, more details later.

There is also a (Xocirow) "zock-ee-row" which due to the resemblance, it is believed to be the evolutionary ancestor of the (Xoccion) "Zock-ee-on".
--- --- --- ---
Regions: Arita - I spent a lot of time in this region. They do not seem very fond of outsiders and those Ive spoken to and interviewed usually answered rudely or sarcastically... In the interviews that I got useful information from here is what I gathered.

In the past, they had a monarchy similar to some places here on earth, there was a king who was in charge and their heir was their child. here is the list of those early monarchs.

Airo I
Airo II
Ortino Rata
Seti I
Seti II
Eirasona Erso
Eirsoto Seti
Seti Taru

Seti Taru being the last in that form of monarchy as I was told that he went mad and grew a god complex and apparently started a cult religion around himself. After he was out of power. The king now appointed an heir and the heir is then put through a confirmation process, if the heir doesn't pass they are removed and if the king does not appoint an heir before his death then the council votes and appoints one.

Some stories I was told about involve a scribe named Maruna who protested one of the king's corruption and started what is basically an enlightenment movement. many of her writings have been lost to time but some survive.

Wilfitine - This is one of the largest regions, yet most of it is used for agriculture. Notable places here is Hadeaus and can most likely be considered a city-state. This region is mostly consisting of xoccions

Hadeaus was founded in the first period of xoccion history. They were a nomadic people in the mountain valley of the Seristis mountain range on the east coast of Wilfitine. After settling in the valley, they were attacked by a rival tribe and they ran off into the mountains and lived in a cave. The lack of food caused many to perish, but Hadeas-Si, a young xoccion who had the idea of making the cave into a city by carving out and building livable dwellings. This started the second period. Many xoccions move here for protection from the multiple territorial and aggressive tribes. The carving out of the cave became more efficient and even had several layers, theorized up to 9 (Only 3 remain). After many years of growth and an approaching golden age. another bit of folklore is born. Trenisia, an enthusiastic xoccion from the second period creates a flying machine that eventually inspires the the creation of the Hadean flying machine. These flying machines were made out of aluminium, a light weight metal which fortunately, was heavily abundant in their region. The invention of this flying machine is said to be the beginning of the third period. With this flying machine, there was a trade boom and Hadeaus became a world power. Then a streak of bad crop years and bad leadership caused a food shortage. The leaders of Hadeaus continued to trade food for material good despite not growing enough for themselves. This caused a caste system to be implemented in Hadeaus which lead to the closure of 6 layers of the city and and increased density. It can be simplified as this.

Top layer: Trenstferis (meaning "Light Facing") was for the elite/royalty as the xoccion people believed that the star, named Trenidari to them, was their light deity. So, the royalty needed to be closer to it as the messengers for the others. the Elite received the food and resources they wanted.

Middle Layer: Serstferis (meaning "Air Facing") was for the common folk/middle class/workers. it is built like an outdoor promenade with large, carved structures that look like it is holding up the top layer quite well. A real engineering marvel. (will show designs after a closer evaluation). The population here is extremely dense, multiple families in one home. Later in this period when the food shortage became more extreme. A form of eugenics was implemented based on their usefulness. They were given a physical and a general knowledge test. if you failed, you were sterilized. This layer received the food and resources it needed and nothing more. The food was distributed based on labor output.

Bottom Layer: Kleristferis (meaning "Ground Facing") was originally for those who worked the grounds for food, but as unrest grew and there was no more space for prisoners, it was repurposed as a prison. I was not able to travel here, but I can see it is exposed to the elements mostly, broken dwellings, and many uncared for sick and unburied dead. This layer only received what was left over after layer one and two.

Oortae - This place is odd as it was originally located in the Seiso-Larm Desert. The oortae people were removed from the Seiso-Larm desert due to conquest as two other regions that were at war didnt want the hassle of going around Oortae territory. Due to propaganda, the Oortae became globally feared/hated as many believed that they were the instigators. They were banished to a rocky island in the south that is cold most of the year.

Seiso-Larm Era: This Era the oortae were more greedy and had a slave trade with enslaved xoccions that the oortae didnt view as people. Due to their resemblance to the Xocirow, the Oortae saw the Xoccions as just a mutation of. After the Oortae exile, slavery also ended.

The only story I was told came from Arita where there was a Xoccion who was bet in a card game and after the Oortillian lost, the slave was set free.

Oortae Current Era: No outsiders are allowed in this era. all I know is there is a king there with a son or daughter, They seem androgynous and I cant get close enough to ask. There are some artifacts that I have seen as they still trade artistic goods.

----- End of Part One -----
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